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Summer travel can be expensive and crowded! Think outside the box and visit a destination in its off-peak period. Here's our line-up of top spots... more

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Acne is external expression of an internal imbalance—medications and skin product can only go so far. Dr. Shayna E. Peter explores the internal factors that may be causing those breakouts. more


As a gynecologist, the concept of “loving your body” takes on a slightly different perspective. Ok, a really different perspective. Discover Lauren Streicher MD's take... more



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The United States ranks dead last in industrialized nations for paid maternity leave. Discover four ways you can start to push for change in Illinois... more

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Summer is the perfect time to bring on new love or to bring some sizzle to the relationship you already have. Bela Gandhi shares how to heat things up this summer... more


How one woman embraced herself and built a company. Chris-tia Donaldson shares her story... more

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As we celebrate Mothers’ Day, we take a look at a few things we think all the moms need to know about. more


The month of June unmistakably reigns as the most popular month for weddings. Along with the event planning, consider gifting each other with relationship planning, too... more

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Get planning your day the way you want it with some handy tips and tricks from mom-motivator Eirene Heidelberger... more




Kathy Chlan on motherhood and how to cope with the challenges of parenting... more



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Divorce often causes significant financial stress. Anyone contemplating or litigating a divorce needs to prioritize financial planning. more

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Not a fan of a gym? Fitness doesn't have to be confined to the treadmill or the elliptical, instead discover a raft of fun and unique alternatives in Chicago to help get you in shape... more

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The internet can be a noisy place, especially for the continuing conversation about what Feminism really means and whom is included in the dialogue. Discover Feminist Speakeasy, an intersectional lifestyle brand by Dasha Guyton more

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Irene Michaels shares all about her life as a model - in her 70s, offering lifestyle and beauty advice... more



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Discover what fun goodies these subscription box services have in store for you... more

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Here's what you need to know about choosing a summer camp that suits both you and your child's needs... more

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After the expose and explosive flood of stories from women across the country, where do we go from here? K. Sujata of CFW discusses... more

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Illinois State Senator Toi Hutchinson has served as a passionate advocate against sexual harassment in Illinois politics. Discover how she's urging colleagues to continue elevating this issue across the country... more

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How frequently do you and your partner hug, kiss, hold hands or make an affectionate gesture towards one another? Here's why these elements are so important in your relationship... more

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Love food? Love travel? Get the details on the best travel spots and companies running trips specifically for foodies... more

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