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Thinking of updating your home storage? Interior designer Maura Braun shares five trends in closet design you need to know about... more

Jan 14, 2018 7:00 AM Life + Love

This year, your resolution can become a lifestyle if you follow Caprice O'Bryant's simple steps... more

Jan 10, 2018 8:00 AM Life + Love

The beginning of the year puts us in the spirit of improvement, and that’s true in the love department as well! Get expert tips on relationships and dating... more

Jan 9, 2018 11:00 AM Love

In relationships, it's common that one partner may not be meeting the other's needs in some capacity—emotional, physical or intellectual—at some point in time. Communication is key—we can't expect our partners to be mind readers. more

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Resolutions guide us and keep us focused on the work ahead. Here at Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW), we resolve to make next year a better year for women and girls. more

Jan 8, 2018 7:00 AM Life + Love

Dasha Guyton of Windy City Wardrobe shares her tips on how to turn social media from a source of envy to empowerment... more

Jan 4, 2018 9:00 AM Life + Love


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Ever wondered whether or not your should be breathing through your nose or mouth? General dentist Dr. Tiffany Jozwiak clears the air. more

Jan 2, 2018 12:00 AM Sponsored Content

Delve into Chicago's rich (and sometimes dark) history with these five must-read books. more

Dec 28, 2017 8:00 AM Life + Love

Empower-up your 'To Watch List' with our line-up of shows that depict strong and complex female characters. more

Dec 9, 2017 4:34 PM Life + Love

Five red flags to watch out for when spending time with loved ones... more

Nov 2, 2017 7:10 AM Health

Discover Trusha Bhatt's story and how 3 Steps Detect could save lives... more

Nov 1, 2017 11:00 AM Health

A private middle and high school, Fusion Academy provides a positive yet unusual learning environment for its students, for whom traditional education is just not working. more

May 23, 2017 9:00 AM Sponsored Content

General dentist Dr. Tiffany Jozwiak, owner of two dental practices, explains the importance of flossing to our oral health. more

May 18, 2017 7:47 PM Sponsored Content


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Divorce attorney Gemma Allen tells us how prenups can be effectively used in navigating both marriage and divorce. more

May 18, 2017 2:00 PM Sponsored Content

UBS Financial Services shares advice regarding women and retirement through the lens of the iconic sitcom. more

May 15, 2017 2:58 PM Sponsored Content

Mohini McCormick, Senior Wealth Advisor for Calamos Wealth Management, sheds light on how to make efficient financial decisions during times of change. more

May 15, 2017 2:44 PM Sponsored Content

Learn how to get more from your workouts! more

Apr 8, 2017 9:37 AM Sponsored Content

Nicole E. Williams M.D. answers the most anticipated questions that you may have for your gynecologist. more

Mar 26, 2017 9:00 AM Sponsored Content

The Collaborative Law Institute tells us more about the benefits of Collaborative Divorce and how it helps divorcing spouses reach respectful agreements. more

Mar 20, 2017 8:41 AM Sponsored Content

3 things you can do to prepare for a relationship.jpg

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The aftermath of a relationship that has ended doesn't have to be one filled with mourning. Take it as an experience to learn from and mentally prepare yourself for the relationship that may be in store for you in the future. more

Jan 27, 2017 9:00 AM Love

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