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Athleisure popped into the fashion scene a little over two years ago. Since then, it has completely transformed activewear, making it something you can wear even when you're not breaking a sweat! more



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One of the major trends for 2017 is flowy fabrics! This trend comes in and out of the fashion scene but this year these silhouettes are the ones to covet. Check out a few different ways to wear this trend for work or play. more



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For some, a cape is aesthetically appealing but leaves you asking "how do I pull that off?" We have come up with three different occasions to rock a cape and how to style them accordingly. Take it all in and go get your own cape to conquer the cold! more



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We all have friends or family members in our life who are fashionable, and they can be the hardest to shop for. So what to buy the woman who has everything fashion-forward? Stick to the staples and shop our gift guide for the fashionista! more


Wearing high heels is often unavoidable, so follow these high heel tips and ticks to avoid feeling pain when wearing them! more


When it comes to skirts, the wrong shape can ruin even the cutest of outfits. This short guide will show you which skirt is the most suitable for 4 common body types so that you can look great no matter where the day takes you. more


Summer is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to reach for those sunnies again! With so many options out there every season it can get difficult to choose the best style for you. more


Who said that style needs to hurt? Give your feet a rest and take a page out of the menswear playbook with these shoes from The Office of Angela Scott. more


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