The tennis superstar, Venus Williams, debuts her tennis lounge and hotel suite at Midtown Athletic Club from her V Starr Interiors team. more

Style Makers

PinkSlipped is a new web series created and co-directed by Jacqueline Priego. It follows three best friends navigating their careers and coming to terms that they are greater than their stifling jobs, self-sabotage, and cultural stereotypes. more

The Creators

Women lead the way in the Chicago improv scene. ComedySportz Board of Directors Member and Producer Jill Shely talks about using humor to navigate life and how women have paved the way in the industry. more

The Creators

Musician-turned sommelier Christopher Harris of Entente talks about falling in love with wine and how the industry can broaden its horizons and bring more minorities into the fold. more

Taste Makers

As a neuroscientist, professor, and artist, Hande Ozdinler works to find a cure for ALS (amyotrophic lateralsclerosis) and more recently, she brings together both the arts and science with the Art Loves Science Foundation. more

Change Makers

Ahead of the Chicago pre-Broadway premiere of the musical adaptation of the 1982 movie, Tootsie, Tony-nominated actor Santino Fontana talks about preparing for the iconic role and what men can learn about being a woman. more

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A visual artist, creative director, and adjunct professor, Jiyun Jung, talks about her investigation of reality and dreams. more

The Creators

Chicago Woman ambassador Lisa Frank's love of people has fueled her success in starting her own recruiting firm. Read more to discover her tips on how to start a successful business... more