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Winter is coming! Be prepared to give your skin a little extra hydration with a mask to enhance your skincare routine. Masks come in five forms—gel, cream, clay, powder, and sheet. Read more


Dr. Cynthia Buono, Cosmetic Surgeon and owner of Contour Cosmetic Surgery, shares her philosophy of slowing the aging process and enhancing one’s natural beauty because confidence is beautiful. Read more


Igniting the beauty revolution: What we need to do as individuals—and as a society—to truly  redefine our obsession with appearance. Author Seline Shenoy talks about shifting the paradigm of beauty. Read more


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With Chicago’s sizzling weather comes sundresses, skirts and shorts, but is your skin ready? Get prepped and primed for all-things sunshine with four need-to-try treatments... Read more


Feed your complexion and give yourself spa-worthy, food-grade facials at home with our five easy-to-follow, all-natural mask recipes... Read more

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