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Chicago Woman celebrates the release of the September/October 2017 Art & Culture issue featuring Naomi Beckwith, fashion designers on the rise and women's health issues. The evening was hosted by Blue Plate Catering at Larkin Hall more

Social Scene

Along with celebrating Father's Day this weekend, what else are you going to do? We've rounded up a few ideas ranging from Vino & Vinyasa, a mixology class, and a philanthropic 5K. more


Lov Carpenter, lead mixologist at Blue Plate Catering, serves her drinks with a splash of creativity, passion and love. more

Food + Culture

The trends that pepper the Chicago food and drink landscape change with the seasons. One thing you can count on is there will be talented women behind the scenes setting the pace and making a name for themselves. more

Food + Culture


krysta boehm

Lov Carpenter, Blue Plate Catering's lead mixologist and cocktail connoisseur, has the perfect libation for snuggling up during these new fall temperatures. Meet your new best friends Move Slow, Kom & Restful and My Favorite Godfather. more

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