Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October has arrived, which is nationally known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be a part of the cause and make a difference with a donation! These places in Chicago are acknowledging the month by doing special services to donate to the cause. more

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Tattoo artist, David Allen, is impacting the lives of survivors of breast cancer by giving them the opportunity to take their bodies back. Women who have had mastectomies are turning to beautiful tattoos to cover the scars of the surgery. more

Style Makers

Breast cancer survivor Apryl Allen talks about her journey in the midst of the disease and how her intuition ultimately saved her. more


Jamie Kastelic, founder of Spero-Hope, LLC., was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33 and almost lost her life due to an infection. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, she reflects upon the journey she took while overcoming cancer. more


Reshelle Matheny, a stage two triple-negative breast cancer survivor, has made it her mission to empower, encourage, and educate all those touched by cancer. This month, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, she reflects upon the journey she took. more


Uzma Yunus, originally from Pakistan, is an American doctor who used her vast experience in the medical field to detect her breast cancer through self-examination. This month, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, she reflects upon her journey. more


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Dr. Katherine Kopkash, board-certified general surgeon at Rush University Medical Center, is a leading doctor in Chicago. We had the fantastic opportunity to speak with her and learn more about intraoperative radiation therapy. more


Feeling good about yourself is something that can alter your entire day, which is why all natural beauty products are so important for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. more


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Kanela Breakfast Club

This October, treat yourself to a delicious drink or yummy dessert while raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These 5 local businesses have put together some fantastic deals to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. more

Food + Drink

Attorney Donna More was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago and although she was scared like millions of other women in her situation, she let the news fuel her fire to pursue her lifelong dream. more


In the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one woman shares her painful story about losing her mom to cancer and how she handled the grieving process. more

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Two-time cancer survivor-turned-author Karen Rice turns her life around by discovering her passion for writing. more


Farmhouse, a farm-to-tavern restaurant which offers a wide variety of locally grown food and seasonally crafted beer and liquor, joins the fight against breast cancer with their CourSAGE Cocktail. more