As you start to think about end-of-year charitable giving, learn more about how to make sure you are making informed decisions about where to donate and how. more

Work + Money

Donating your time to a charity about which you are passionate is a wonderful and fulfilling activity that can change your life. more

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It seems that our world, especially Chicago, is becoming an increasingly more dangerous place. Many women are behind the efforts that are keeping our city safe—and making a difference. Here are a few local organizations making a difference. more

Style + Trends

Through their Joy in Childhood Foundation, Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins are sticking to their commitment of helping hungry children across the country. more

Style + Trends

July is National Make a Difference for Children Month and in order to support kids in need around the world, we have compiled a list of items you can buy, whose proceeds go on to help these kids get food, clothing, vitamins and so much more. more

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