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A new collaboration has hit the Chicago hospitality scene – come springtime, three new additions to dana hotel and spa’s dining and drinking offerings will be unveiled. more

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Halloween is such a fun holiday, for both children and adults. Here are 8 versatile events happening in the city that we're excited about. more

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When your brittle nails break, your elegant fingers look short and stumpy. If you need help strengthening your brittle nails, check out this salient advice from Salon Duo’s manicurist Bernadetta Monastyrski and watch your nails grow. more


Want to keep your feet looking fabulous and ready for sandals? Let pedicurist Tammy Charmers of the dana hotel and spa help you out. more


Everyone loves a vacation, but not everyone has the energy for one. Although you’re supposed to be relaxing, you find yourself attempting to squeeze two weeks of activities into one week. By the end, you need a vacation from your vacation. more