The season of celebrations is upon us—graduations, weddings, summer outings. Now which bubbly fits the occasion. We've broken it down for you. more

Entertaining + Recipes

Michelin-starred chef Brian Fisher of Entente shares his tips on how you can make your dishes look restaurant-worthy... more

Food + Culture

Home Chef is a home meal delivery service program designed for people who love to cook but hate to shop. Register now for weekly deliveries with fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients. more

Entertaining + Recipes

If you're more on the entertaining than the sipping side of things, there's a Chicago-based startup that can help you offer quality libations minus the assistance of a bartender. more

Entertaining + Recipes

Join Chicago Woman and Marc Sievers at Williams-Sonoma this Saturday as we celebrate the launch of his latest cookbook "Table for Two." more


Not many cookbooks out there are dedicated to just you and your +1. With this in mind, entertaining expert and author Marc Sievers has created a cookbook made exclusively for you and that special someone, whomever that may be. more

Style + Trends

Elevate your next dinner party with this quick and easy recipe from Chicago entertaining expert and cookbook author Marc Sievers. more

Entertaining + Recipes


Rubin Roche

900 North Michigan Shops showcase new 2016/2018 ad campaign, "I AM CHICAGO". This campaign will show the passion and innovation of the city of Chicago! more

Social Scene is a website for anyone planning a large-scale party who is searching for new ideas and top local event professionals. more

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Still struggling to figure out what to do for New Year's Eve? Check out these fun and festive party ideas from event guru Tom Kehoe of Kehoe Designs and ring in 2016 with a fete your guests won't soon forget. more

Entertaining + Recipes


Photo credit: Marc Seivers

Check out our ideas for saving time and setting the mood during this busy holiday season! more

Entertaining + Recipes

Tom Kehoe

Photographed by Petya Shalamanova at The Geraghty.

Tom Kehoe, President of Kehoe Designs, is known as one of the best event production leaders in Chicago. Here’s his advice for the holidays. more

Style + Trends

Shake up your everyday meal routine or find inspiration for your next dinner party with Entertaining with Love, a fabulous and easy-to-follow cookbook by Marc Sievers. more

Entertaining + Recipes

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