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Dr. Jason Jared of TRIFACTIVE Sports Injury + Performance Clinic provides tips for staying active with age. more

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The team at Precision Human Performance has created the ultimate list of workouts to help you shed those unwanted holiday pounds in 12 days. Ready, get set, move! more

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As the year comes to a close and we get ready for a fresh start, there’s no better time to restart your routine or get into an entirely new one. Having a tough time by yourself? Enlist the help of a workout buddy! Check out our top 3 reason. more

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Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to get more out of every workout in no time. more

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Here are 4 tips from Sheryl Dineen, marketing & BD specialist at IceMiller Legal Counsel, on simple ways to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. more

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There are many benefits to working out with a partner. Here, our friends at Fitness Formula Clubs explain how you can kick your fitness game into high gear, just by finding a workout buddy. more

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“Winter’s coming.” Scary words when said by John Snow in the Game of Thrones, but even scarier for exercisers who live in cold cities like Chicago or Boston. The winter’s bad weather can make working out consistently a challenge. more

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Roughly 19 million Americans wear fitness trackers to help them manage their weight but, tracking behaviors alone isn’t enough to create lasting results. Being mindful can help. more

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Leigh Loftus

Cheri’s love affair with the Megaformer ultimately brought her to open her own studio, CHI50, in spring of 2016 in the heart of Bucktown. more

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Warm weather and short shorts can keep you motivated to stay fit, fun in the sun can definitely distract from time at the gym. Susan Rothman, owner of Pure Barre West Loop, tells you how to stay on task and achieve your fitness goals this summer. more

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