Entertaining friends and family for the holidays can be challenging and exhausting. With dietary restrictions and so many glasses and plates to wash, it is easy to start to feel like a restaurant in your own home. Read more


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If you are dreading the forced togetherness of the holidays, the lifestyle interrogations, or just the annoying aunts, I’m here to help. Here are the top five @Bigkidproblems approved ways to survive the holidays. Read more


If you're more on the entertaining than the sipping side of things, there's a Chicago-based startup that can help you offer quality libations minus the assistance of a bartender. Read more

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Budgeting for holiday vacations can be hard, especially in addition to holiday gifts. Don't worry about costly hotels with the new HomeExchange program. Read more


Lush Wine & Spirits owner Mitch Einhorn shares his top five go-to uses for brandy that will last you through New Year's and beyond. Read more

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Chicago-based relationship expert Bela Gandhi shares some advice on how to survive the season, when you don’t have a “plus one” for that New Year’s Eve party. Read more

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Stay healthy during the holidays and try these tips from Equinox Group Fitness Manager Julie Bells and keep off the couch and the trans-fat. Read more