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Great leadership changes the game. Discover five techniques used by successful leaders and apply them to your own working environment... more


Natasha Granholm

Aanchal Khurana, Senior Account Executive, Brainerd Communicators

It seems that with the presidential election also came a universal fear of being alienated. Natasha Granholm weighs in and tells us about her experience as a POC and how companies can improve diversity and inclusion to make everyone feel welcome. more


As president and CEO of Chicago Scholars, Dominique Jordan Turner is committed to helping kids, from under-resourced communities in the city, start on their path to becoming leaders. more



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The percentage of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 hovers around 4%, while it’s 1% for black CEOs. More work is needed, a lot more, but that work must be intelligent, researched and focused to be highly effective. more


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  • 2112 Diversify Scholarship Program

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    2112 Diversify Scholarship Program

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