Lauren Streicher, MD

Dr. Lauren Streicher is on our The Fierce 50 list—recognizing Chicago women over 50 for their example and inspiration. We asked Streicher what makes her fierce at this time in her life and why she thinks women on the main stage are fierce. more


These are the women that The Fierce 50 Revolution and Chicago Woman Magazine recognizes for their example and inspiration.We asked them what makes them fierce at this time in their lives and acknowledge why women on the main stage are fierce. more

Taste Makers

Today is Mentoring Day, and to honor our incredible Board members who have inspired and mentored us at Chicago Woman, a few of the women share with us the importance of having mentor. more

Style + Trends

As a gynecologist, the concept of “loving your body” takes on a slightly different perspective. Ok, a really different perspective. Discover Lauren Streicher MD's take... more

Health + Wellness

Everything you wanted to know about 'lady issues' but were too afraid to ask... more

Health + Wellness

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a fairly common health issue women deal with. The diagnosis and cure of this disease is credited to two Chicago doctors. Here is the history of PCOS and what you should know about it. more

Health + Wellness

Dr. Lauren Streicher is dedicated to serving and supporting women through her medical practice, and now as an editorial board member for Chicago Woman magazine. This month, she shares her passion and dedication to women. more


  • May/June 2018

    May/June 2018

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