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  • Durty Gurt's Burger Joynt

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    Durty Gurt's Burger Joynt

    Restaurants line Main Street downtown Galena, including Durty Gurt's Burger Joynt.

  • Poopsies

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    One of the many charming retailers on Main Street in downtown Galena, Poopsies is full of character and offers gifts, unique art, housewares, toys and more!

  • Main Street Inn

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    Main Street Inn

    Stay on Main Street in Galena and walk right out of your hotel to the quaint historic downtown.

  • Natural Galena

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    Natural Galena

    The area surrounding Galena is in the "driftless zone", an area that was not covered by glaciers during the recent ice ages—which left the characteristic hills, valleys, bluffs and considerable exposed rock. Be sure to get a scenic snap from Horseshoe Mound, just outside Galena on US 20.

  • Downtown Galena

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    Downtown Galena

    Historic Galena is a quaint downtown with dozens of charming retailers, restaurants and more.

  • Galena Cellars

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    Galena Cellars

    Tour the Galena Cellars and taste several varietals produced here.