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The kids are still at camp and out playing, but the school supplies have it hit the shelves at the stores. Yes—school is upon us. As you get ready for the school year, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you prep. more

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Sure, Chicago is full of boutiques—but we tapped into four that are owned and run by motivated, successful women. more

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In anticipation of the Chicago Woman Toast to Summer soirée taking place on May 18, we're highlighting the fantastic sponsors who are coming together for a night of wine, style and travel! more



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Finding the perfect gift is never easy. Chicago Woman has put together several gift guides based on the interests of those special people in your life. Gift well, gift thoughtfully, gift with style! more

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We all have friends or family members in our life who are fashionable, and they can be the hardest to shop for. So what to buy the woman who has everything fashion-forward? Stick to the staples and shop our gift guide for the fashionista! more

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Black Friday is around the corner and is expected to be better than ever. Here are some shopping strategies and secret tactics to get you the best deals on your favorite brands. more


Find yourself spending a fortune on holiday party dress? Rent the Runway is here to save the day and your bank account! more

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High fashion and runway shows are carefully crafted beautiful pieces of art. However, often we find ourselves having NO idea how to bring those high fashion trends into our own closet. We picked 4 of our favorite fall trends for you to try out! more

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As the end of summer approaches quickly, the unpredictable Chicago weather can be a damper on all your fun fall fashion ideas. Don't worry though- try out these boho transitional pieces that work with your summer and fall wardrobe! more

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While many of us have immaculate work wardrobes, we tend to not focus as much on our casual day to day fashion. Take your comfy casual look to comfy chic with these four outfits that will make even the most relaxed days fashionable. more

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This week's webisode with Julie Hightower features fashion blogger Michelle Arellano's picks for summer dresses under $50. From local boutiques to your fashion deal go-to's, here are some great styles to try this summer. more

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Marc Seivers, entertaining and food expert, loves all things French. Here he shares his favorite Parisian-influenced home decor items found at women-owned Chicago boutiques. more


Julie Hightower, host of A Better Day with Julie, shares 4 classic gift ideas for dad on Fathers' day and tells you how to get great deals with style. more

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Julie Hightower from A Better Day With Julie gets summer fashion tips from Ela Czupta from Generation Bliss Boutique—It's all about whites, embellishments, and denim! more

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Every year, we make the same vow…We make promises to get more rest, save more money or lose more weight. Here are a few tips on how to refresh your home without breaking down walls or the bank. more

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April Francis of Dose Market talks about the key things she needs to balance her busy lifestyle as one of Chicago's leading ladies of fashion and entrepreneurship. more

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Art Institute of Chicago Teal and Bronze Bowl

$75, Available at

Gift-giving for colleagues can be tricky, but the key is to understand their personalities and tastes while respecting your professional relationship. more

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Psychobaby Personalized Gifts

Starting at $22, available at

We’ve rounded up some cool ideas for under the tree or inside the stocking for your littles — whether they’re toddlers, teens or furry! more

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Introducing a way to celebrate Black Wednesday, the kick-off of the Thanksgiving holiday, that has nothing to do with a crowded bar. more

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Helix Headphones

$199, Available for pre-order at

We all have someone on our shopping list who needs the latest gadget. For the techie in your life, these gift ideas won’t disappoint. more

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