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Dasha Guyton of Windy City Wardrobe shares her tips on how to turn social media from a source of envy to empowerment... more

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A conversation with Heather Mildenstein, a mother of four and the mastermind behind the Chatbook’s social media strategy. In just one year, Chatbook’s social following grew to 100,000 and today has over 200,000 followers. more


Entrepreneur Katy Lynch talks about the exciting story behind the launch of her new project, Codeverse. more


Read on to this simple step-by-step guide to up your social search. more



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A conversation with Ken Kaufman, the founder of Treem, a new social media platform organized to eliminate fake news and allow users to view only content they want to see. more



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For those who did not grow up in the age of social media, Facebook can be a difficult thing to navigate. Facebook for Seniors is the easy step-by-step guide to help assist in connecting with family and friends in no time! more

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It's safe to say that with the popularity of social media platforms, they are not going anywhere in the coming year. Here's a list of what you can expect in 2017 from social media and what you need to know to be a savvy user. more



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Avoid the pitfalls of poor etiquette on social media with these 5 reminders from communication expert professor Leslie Shore. more


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Chicago moms Becky Carroll and Wendy Widom were introduced to Dr. Omar in August, when CBS-2 aired a segment on doctors in Chicago who were delivering medical equipment to Aleppo, and their friendship sparked a movement. more

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In a time where racial injustice seems to be getting worse rather than better, media sources can be proven guilty of demonstrating certain biases when it comes to race. more


Think you know everything you need to know about using social media? Test your knowledge with these tips from the gurus behind Oak Street Social. more


Johanna Grange of Oak St. Social shares tips that can take your social channels from ordinary to extraordinary in just a short amount of time! You'll want to bookmark this comprehensive guide. more


Followers are a wonderful thing, but how do you get the right followers? Both small and large businesses have become overwhelmed with the industry norm by measuring their campaign's health and success purely through followers. more



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Find below the 4 categories to remember when creating your content: more

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In need of social media rescue? Well, there's an app for that. Whether you are using social media to brand your professional appearance, company, blog, etc., your content needs to be engaging. Get the most out of social media by utilizing these apps. more

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Johanna Grange of Oak St. Social shares her top five tips for creating a winning social media feed in 2016. more


The dynamic duo behind Oak St. Social shares their expert tips for perfecting your social media images to help with the exposure of your brand. more


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