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Since science has proven the “desk job” to be the new smoking, taking ten years off your life being sedentary and stressed with deadlines, how do we then avoid stress and anxiety in the workplace? more

Work + Money

Priti Patel, chief practice officer at LIFE XT, gives us a few tips on how to be more productive at work while also minimizing stress. more


There comes a time in many women’s lives when they have to make a choice about their career. Mine came in the spring of 2014 after welcoming my first child. more


Every busy woman needs productivity tools to stay on top of work, life and everything in between. Catherine Merritt has top 5 tools you should be using—from apps to working out. more


The ever-elusive live/work/family balance is a challenge for most women. Few have mastered it. Kathleen Henson has some wise words on debunking the idea of balance altogether. more


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