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The key is to become attuned to our own unique dream symbols and to learn to interpret them as we would a new language. Once versed in that language, the meaning of dreams becomes apparent with little effort. Read more


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Sam, founder of the fashion company UsTrendy, is launching the Believe in Yourself Project. The foundation provides underprivileged young women dresses for upcoming dances, while relaying positive messages about healthy body image through speakers. Read more


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Whether it's the start of a new year or nearing the end, we are striving to better ourselves daily. For those times when we have little motivating us and stray off course, look to these 3 tools to make sure you stay on track, year-round. Read more


It is important that we women make ourselves a priority and give ourselves deep love and gratitude for all of the work we do. That's why this Valentine's Day, make sure you put yourself first. Read more


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Nearly half of all new year’s resolutions don’t even get past month one. Betsy Sobiech, a life coach and global leader at Tiara International, has the secrets to how to make sure our resolutions actually stick. Read more